Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Space Station

Daily Activity
What challenges do they face on the ISS?
How is the challenge overcome?
Brushing your teeth
When you brush your teeth
You have to swallow your toothpaste.
                         Drink water                 

        Hair cut
     When you cut your hair
The hair floats in your everywere
       There Is a tube that stops the hair from going
out.                 `      
Sleeping in space
Floating around your room
And bumping your face.
You need a special kind of sleeping bag to hold you in place otherwise  you will float away
Going to the toilet.
When you go number 1 it goes everywhere
You have to do number 1 in a tube that sucks up
Your wee.
Nail clipping
         If you cut your nails
Then it will go up your nose.
 You have to you use this
Vent thing that blows in your nails

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  1. This is pretty interesting Jerahd, I like how you overcome your daily challenges. Awesome Stuff!!!


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