Thursday, 7 July 2016

Great wall of China

The great wall of China was built 2000 years ago for peace to stop the enemy the mongols from destroying the rest of China and conquering the massive country.
As many as 300, 000 workers died during construction,
Emperor qin shi huang orders construction of a northern wall, Genghis khan invaded and conquered China.
The great wall of China was open created 400 years ago,
Beacon’s and watch towers are built to garrison troops. many workers were buried within the wall itself,
The great wall of China is the world’s longest defensive fortification,
But the wall never succeeded in keeping out the barbarians.

Today in China People pay money to go to the great wall of china,
the wall is a toanga to the country. The great wall of China is linked by miles of connecting walls, The relics of the Great Wall and it  fortresses and watchtowers show us China's culture of national pride.
the Great Wall exemplifies a culture of preserving cultural heritage
It represents the awesome ability of the Chinese to work together for the good of the country.
along with the lengths a nation will go to preserve their culture and keep the invaders out

The Great Wall is a powerful symbol.

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