Friday, 8 July 2016

Jerahd Te Tuhi

First thing in the morning we went off on an adventure to  te tuhi art center.Climbing off the bus with excitement we arrived at te tuhi art we walked in Te Tuhi smoke floated in the air.

Then we sat down on the mat and waited for our our art teacher Jeremy.When Jeremy arrived we listened to what he was saying.Then we got up and split into two groups of four.

Then we walked carefully  down a hallway and came to an art room.Jeremy was telling us what
We were doing.We were making our own dream house out of ten shapes.

I looked carefully about where I was putting my ten shapes.
I had a skatepark in my house.Also a slide that leads to my

After that we went to watch two movies and one of them was about steel.The other one was a weird one with these statutes,I did not understand a thing in that movie.

Then we came back to the start and had lunch.When the bus arrived got on and went back to school. I had great fun at Te Tuhi.

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  1. hi jerahd I like your description of Te Tuhi, it's good how you were honest about what you liked and what you didn't understand.


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