Friday, 29 May 2015


 Beside a lake surrounded by trees a small boy toasted marshmallows beside a fire. Thump thump came a noise from behind him he looked around him. The boy held out his stick like a sword.

Luckily the boy noticed that the monster was only  interested   in the marshmallows. Carefully he held a marshmallow the monster snatched the marshmallow up with his tongue Like a performing  dog the monster kept doing tricks until he realised that there were no more Marshmallows. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Luke Nola

Last Friday we lined up at the brick wall. Room 13 were wondering were we were going on......

Finally miss king siaid we are going to the hall to see a  special guest Mario?
No his real name Luke noula.

He showed us some of his crazy inventes . His mind was awesome he even made his own
Tv show called the gober brothers.

He also made a game called let's get inventing its a great game.
You can make your own invention.

He showed us other  inventers. They had cool inventions. Like the slingshot.

It was fun with Luke noula