Monday, 9 November 2015

Tangram puzzle

This is my shape picture. In my shape I can see triangles,squares and parallelograms.


In the weekend I stayed home and watched tv and I jumped on my tramp. I jumped in to

Heaven and back. I ripped my tramp. So my dad gave me fireworks. I was super happy.

We had five Bugattis and one Lamborghini. Also we own two mansions.  

Friday, 6 November 2015


A firefighter needs to be brave courageous and always willing to look after others.

A firefighter helps put out fires. Firefighters also help get pets down from a tree.

To be a good pilot you need to think carefully make good decisions and always keep the safety

Of others in mind. A pilot thinks carefully about what they're doing. They make sure that they make good decisions.

A singers main role is to entertain an audience by writing and performing great music.

A singer sings songs for people. Singers are awesome.


Today room 13 walked nicely to the hall. We were at the hall because there was a immersion

Assembly.  We were there so we know what topic we will be learning about.

My favourite item was team two's movie. I like it because It was super duper awesome. There movie was great.

Also my other favourite movie was team three's movie. It was funny. They were dressed up as dinosaurs. They were dancing like party people.

My other favourite item was team 5 because it was not funny. I was just joking it was cool as a


They were eating noodles like they were in a eating noodles challenge.

I enjoyed the immersion assembly because it was fabulous. It was so funny. I'm so so very  excited for next term. 


My dinosaur is Zeus it is the King of all dinosaurs. He lives in shut down town. He eats universes,worlds and Internet. Also big schools. Some day he will nuke the world with hundreds of nuclear bombs. Crazy right. He hates human beans. He eats them. My dinosaur has fire breath and acid. He is massive with missiles. He has razor sharp spikes For protection. Don't say hi or he will eat you.