Tuesday, 13 December 2016

book recount

On monday morning Mr Moran told us if we remember when we went to read books with the other teachers.Our first book was cliford and the big storm it was about cliford saving the old ladys home with a big pile of sand. That was a cool story and Iliked it. After that we went to Miss Davis the was calld ‘’The book with no pictures’’ it was qiute funny but weird at the same time.
Next was Mrs Belt she read to us chester and Meline Watt it was about Chester interupting the mices story it was long but was was Mr Jacobson his story was green eggs and ham by Dr Seuse. Mr J could not find the book in the library so he went to you tube and watched the slide show of the was funny and taught us to try things and don’t say you dont like it.

Thank you miss king for setting this up miss davis Mr blaky miss belt and mr Jacobson

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


.First thing in the morning Miss Davis put on my house color which was red team Te Aurere.We lined up under the hot sun and walked fully energised to the court. First we did a prey and then got up and started.

For the day our teachers was Miss Timmy and Mr Moran , our first sport was shock put with Mr Wise Men he said if you're good stay with me and if you think your not good
Go with Mr Moran.I started with the 1kg ball and then the 5 kg ball that was not that hard but it was also not easy. When we through the balls I was eliminated.

All  our other sports were tug of war discis and last but my faveorite one sprints this is my postiions 2nd 2nd 3rd 5th

milk coulors

fly match

danceing raisons