Friday, 28 October 2016


There were two NZ army specialist named Rigby and Suede.They were too good to be in NZ army
So the captain of there team told the to ‘’Go to this forest named suicide forest in East side of New Zealand
You will have to grab what you need from the supply room understand’’Sir yes sir they replied.
When the helicopter landed Rigby and Suede jumped off and ran towards the forest.

As they were walking through the bush they saw old baby dolls hanged upon tree’s and rigby thouht no way thats not real.Then when thay were climbing the tree to grap a doll then Suede haerd a voice whisspering
‘’I no were you are i can see you’’the word just got louder and louder untill, a volano corupeted.Wait whats that noise Rigby said then the ground shaked and the trees started to break.

Then the shaking stoped and all the trees were gone and they saw the temle so the they ran and ran towards the temle.when they got to the door it had ahead on top of the door and it was still fresh,
They saw ahole sothey went throue the hole.when they got down there they saw a statune,and rigby
Went to go grap it then it broke and rigby got his sole taken and suede got chased out of the bush

Suede ran to were the chopper landed and called for help he had to wait atleast 30 sec for the chopper to come.the chopper finaly came and scared the monster away the chopper took him back tohis home
and suede went tothe bathroom and wash his cause he thioght he was dreaming and the helooked at the mirror the he saw Rigby in the corner waveing at him.Suede was pisest by this demon for the rest of his life
And a few years later they  became friends agian.

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